Drive in Cinema

Come to the cinema to enjoy the movie from your own car. Within the "Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival", that takes place during the last week of October, we will carry out an activity within the festival, collaborating with the screening of 4 films in Drive in format. You just have to come with your car, tune in to the radio, and ... enjoy the movies comfortably from your car The screening will take place at the central square of Port Adriano. The maximum capacity is 50 cars .Cars over 1.5 meters are not allowed. We recommend two people per car to maximize your experience, but up to 4 people can come in each car. The entrance per film is €10 per car. The projected films will be: Saturday, October 27th  

8:00 pm


Pixar / Disney, Length:105 min Release date 2017. A few weeks after its premiere in Mexico, the film became the most watched in the film history of this country. On January 7, 2018, it won the Golden Globe for the best animated film. During the 90th edition of the Oscar Awards, took Best Animated Film and Best Original Song for "Remind Me". Also received a Bafta award for the best animated film. Click here to see the movie trailer.  

10:00 p.m.


Dir: Laura Holliday. Length: 82 min. (English- Spanish subtitles) Romantic comedy Click here to see the movie trailer   Sunday, October 28th  

7:00 p.m.


Dir. Jesús del Cerro. Length: 120 min. (Language: Romanian-English subtitles) 'Hawaii' is the new Romanian film by Spanish filmmaker Jesús del Cerro, in which he tackles with a certain humorous touch the story of a working family from Bucharest. A movie with a lot of heart. Click here to see the movie trailer

9:30 p.m.

ALIENS: The Return

Dir. James Cameron, USA. Length: 137 min, Language: English- Spanish subtitles. "Aliens: The Return" is one of the most acclaimed science fiction films and that demolishes the saying of second parties were never good. He won several awards and many nominations. 2 Oscars: Visual effects, Sound effects. 5 nominations Nominated for the Golden Globe: Best Actress in Drama (Sigourney Weaver) BAFTA: Better visual effects. 4 nominations Click here to see the movie trailer  

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