Yates Adriano/ Shipyard

At Port Adriano you will find one of the best dry-docking facilities for large vessels in the Mediterranean, with an esplanade of almost 11,000m2 and a travelift with a capacity of up to 320 tons, which makes it one of the most promising dry-docking facilities in the Mediterranean.

They have a staff of approximately 80 professionals ready to provide you with all their know-how and dedication to carry out a well-performed service with the maximum reliability and safety.



  • Travelif up to 320tn

    It has a 320 tonne travelift, a 75 tonne travelift and a 12 tonne travelift to guarantee safety and optimise the use of the facilities when manoeuvring the boats.

  • Finishing paint

    The shipyard carries out painting works with the best materials and experienced workers to give the best finish to your boat.

    Customers end up fully satisfied with the result of the work done.

  • Scaffolding & tents

    The ACS company is in charge of the construction of tents and covers having a wide experience in boats up to 90 meters both on land and in the water always using approved materials and of the best quality also its staff has high experience in this field.

  • Yacht Polishing

    Yacht polishing as well as ceramic polishing treatments.

  • Dry Dock Marina

    Located in the Yates Adriano shipyard, Yates Adriano offers a storage service for your boat on land with an express launching and dry-docking service.
    Marina Seca Port Adriano is for boats up to 10 meters, and whose service also minimizes the cost of maintenance of your boat (saving on hull cleaning, antifouling, anodes). Have your boat ready to sail at the time you want in our new concept of dry sailing.