01Welcome to Port Adriano

  • Port Adriano client

    As a client of Port Adriano you can access the private area, where you can download your invoices and make payments, as well as access your personal information and the details of your boat with details of the movements registered in your mooring.
    All you have to do is request your customer code at our Captaincy office.
    With your customer code and your identification document you will be able to register in this link:

    Private client access

  • Cliente Subalquiler:

    If you are a mooring user and would like to sublet your mooring while you are away on your boat, you can do so here by activating your account. This is the easiest way to sublet your mooring.

    Subrent your berth



If you are a mooring customer of the port you can request your parking access card at the captaincy office.
You can also use the Baitnex app by downloading the application by requesting it previously at info@portadriano.com.



Android- Google Play




Parking conditions for customers.

In low season / winter season:

From 6am to 7: 00 pm the parking costs 1.90€/hour after the 3 free hours, with a maximum of 20€/day. 3 hours free of charge, with a maximum of 20€/day.

If the customer does not stay for more than 3 hours, it is not necessary to validate the ticket at the cash machine.

During this period, the premises/restaurants do not issue tickets vouchers.

The free admission is per day. If a customer enters and leaves more than once on the same day, the second stay will not include the first hours free of charge.


In high season/summer:

From 6am to 7pm parking the parking has a cost of 1.90 € / hour once exceeded:

1 hour free, with a maximum of 20€/day.

3 hours free for users of the port establishments.

If you consume in one of the businesses, the establishment will give you a voucher from the port for 3 free hours of parking. The 3 hours are not added to the normal free hour, in total the maximum number of free hours is 3 hours.

If the customer does not stay more than 1h, it is not necessary to validate the ticket at the parking cashier. Simply scan your ticket at the exit gate reader.

If the customer wants to use the 3h voucher, it is necessary to go to the cashier, present the original ticket given by the machine at the entrance, and then use the voucher as a “payment method”.