Pop up market

For the first time Port Adriano presents the After Sun market. A different initiative that will move away from the usual commercial brands and it will rely on local proposals that have been designed, developed or manufactured in the Balearic Islands, making Port Adriano a prescriber that local supports and sustainable design and completing the offer of the Usual shopping area. It is a pop-up experience that comes after a day at the beach and prior to a dinner or drink at the port. There will be 14 small containers that will host 12 fashion brands, swimsuits, sunglasses, footwear, decoration ... along the new shopping area, where the sale of products with the rest areas is intercalated. -From August 8th to August 20th. -Timetables: from 19:00 to 23:00 hs. In our market you can find the differents brands:


Is a meeting of the minds and passions of Anna Uimonen and Nevean Holmes, the two young designers behind the brand. Two different minds, but with the same goal: create a set of values, a lifestyle and designs that endure. With exclusive designs and unique prints created by Aubergin, their collections tell a story. The garments are crafted with special attention to detail, based on the ethics of sustainability and on made-in-Spain high quality craftsmanship. As a revolt against disposable fashion, Aubergin`s brand mission has always been to create non-trend sensitive designs.    


This brand is a young Unisex brand designed and produced in Palma de Mallorca Minimalist in design, striking in its simplicity and with a focus on absolute quality, EZ lab is much more than a sneaker. Every shoe envisaged, created and produced is an experiment in craftsmanship inspiring self expression and freedom for the quality connoisseur.


This brand is a luxury men's and children's lifestyle brand offering a premium line of swim trunks & beach accessories.  


This brand is a concept store and interior design firm based in the island of Mallorca, with a very strong identity and the purpose of bringing local and sustainable Mediterranean handicrafts together with singular objects from Asia and Africa. They also offer interior design projects.

Brava Fabrics

Honest apparel with Mediterranean soul.  


Born in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca, home to the extinct Myotragus goat.  Tragus is a blend of mixed herbs and carob, bringing strength, beauty  and wisdom to all who consume it.

Lasanta & Co

Exclusive selection of furniture, decorative objects and art. A delicious mix of styles, materials and colors that reflect the great passions of Lasanta&Co.

Teixits Vicens

Artisan fabrics, art and decoration since 1854. Own production of artisan fabrics, Majorcan "Cloth of Tongues" (tela de llengües), tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, antiques...  

Teixits Vicens by Carlos García

A local product with international vision.

Miljø Store

This shop is an space dedicated to niche, natural and organic cosmetics. It is a philosophy of life. It has a combination of beauty, ethics and health with products that are not in the usual sales channels. High cosmetics where brands have been exhaustively selected since they do not invest in advertising, but focusing their efforts on research and development, aiming to offer products with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Scandinavia meets the Mediterranean at Miljø.  

Ten Twelve

Women apparel. Based on the principles of freshness and spontaneity, our collection has the purpose of strengthening feminity and our own light. Getting inspired by the simple but immense pleasures, by the summer, the sunsets, the breeze, the Mediterranean, the blueness of the sky and the sea, white facades, saltpetre and bare feet on the sand, we recreated a style that always remains. We have the pleasure of enjoying by creating beauty and the need to share it. This is how ten twelve is born.

With the collaboration of Llamp and Enrike Salar Coffee & Co.