III Mallorca Classic Week by PA

The MCW program offers lots of fun: Roadbooks for classic club tours or individual drives, a Classic Festival, a Concours d´Elegance and a not too serious “CrimeDrive© which will lead the participants of MCW by PA 2018 to scenic areas of Majorca – following the tracks of Master Detective Nick Nickerbocker. Discover culture and food, talk with automobile enthusiasts. The event location Port Adriano is one of the most exclusive yacht ports in the Mediterranean. http://www.portadriano.com


(subject to changes) Wednesday, September 19th 2018 Port Adriano: 09:30-17:00 Registration of Participants, Pick Up of vouchers and welcome package. Palma de Mallorca 18:00 “Welcome Hamburger Barbecue” The Boathouse, Opening Ceremony MCW by PA 2017 ((limit 75 cars, 20 motorbikes), Thursday, September 2oth and Friday September 21st “PleasureDrives”. Road books for individual tours for clubs & individual teams & visitors (no limit). PDF-files can be downloaded from this server. Optional Guided Pleasure Drives. “Petrol Head” Happy Hour. Saturday September 22nd Port Adriano 09:00-16:30 Judging Technical Inspection of Concourse Cars and 10 motorbikes selected by jury. 13:00 “Classic Festival” (no limit), American Car Show. Food Trucks provide American Food at reasonable prices. 13:00 Music DJ Xema 14:00 Elvis Presley Show, 15:30 Catwalk Pin Up Girl Competition 17:00 “International Concourse d´Elegance” Award Giving Ceremony Best of Show: “Russell Stevens Award”,19 :00 “Dinner Dance” Restaurant “Coast by East” Sunday September 23rd: Port Adriano 11.00 Start “Mallorca Sightseeing Drive” (limit 75 cars, 20 motorbikes), a not too serious “CrimeDrive© which will lead the participants of MCW by PA 2017 to scenic areas of Majorca – following the tracks of Master Detective Nick Nickerbocker. 15:30 Lunch “Restaurant Crew Bar”, Port Adriano. 16:00 Award Giving and Final Ceremony MCW 2018.

Admission & Fees

Classic Cars and Yachts, minimum 25 years of age, contemporary changes. Ladies and gentlemen are kindly asked to dress for the Classic Festival and the Concourse d´Elegance in contemporary style. Ladies with hats are welcome.  

Application process and Fees

  Participants are kindly requested to send their application in via the online application form at www.mallorcaclassicweek.com. The Jury will decide and confirm the application of the participants. Payments should be arranged according to the specifications noted in the confirmation. Each event can be booked individually. The admission fee is per person. Guests are welcome. Welcome Barbecue € 20. Pleasure Drive Roadbooks as PDF File free. Concours d´Elegance € 60, including dinner dance. Mallorca Sightseeing Drive € 40, including lunch. Flat rate prices have been arranged for transport to and from Majorca (discount of up to 50% with Ferry).


Admission will be limited due to security reasons. Guarded parking lots will be provided free for the participant’s classic cars and motorcycles from September 19th to September 25th in the underground park deck of the Phillipe Starck Building at Port Adriano, and for trailers and accompanying cars in the parking area. For additional information in English language please contact registration@mallorcaclassicweek.com