Street Food, mini-chefs and I Family Tapas contest

Port Adriano organizes a Gastronomic Fair during the month of June. A selection of unique events for food lovers. From street Food to an exclusive cooking class.

12, 13 and 14 of June: First Street Food festival in Mallorca. Food for all publics in vintage touch Food Trucks.

17 of June: Cooking on waves: The Chef del Mar will show his recipes to our restaurants and yacht chefs.

25 and 26 of June: Mini chefs: Fund cooking and workshops for kids.

-27 of June: I Familiy Tapas Contest Port Adriano, for families with kids.

Port Adriano gathers here a selection of unique restaurants on the island. Among them Restaurant Bruno, East by Coast, El Faro, La Cantina de Port Adriano, Pizzeria La Oca, Ristorante Guiseppe, La Terraza de Port Adriano, Crew Bar, Sansibar, Harbour Grill and Vino del Mar.