Fun Parade is back

Show extended until 13rd September!

From Tuesday to Sunday, in the evenings, from 8.00pm to 12:00am. End show at 11:00 pm at Coast by East terrace.
Free show.

Fun Parade is a mix of dance, comedy, circus and singing performances.
Every show has been specially designed for the port, playing on the nautical theme.

Joan Gracia (part of the theatre company Tricicle) collaborated with the artistic brilliance of Enric Ases and the production company Africapcp, a company dedicated to special and audiovisual acts, to produce the full spectacle of performances.

The fun parade includes hilarious characters, such as: mermaids, sailors, divers, and fish who wander around the harbour at sunset, creating an enchanting and fantastic atmosphere. The artists perform short comical sketches on the makeshift stages in the restaurant, shops and public areas, reaching the audience on mobile sets. Visually arresting, the sets and outfits are characterized by a postmodern aesthetic of chromatic of silver, aluminium, blue and white tones matching the nautical-chic theme.

Port Adriano gave Joan Gracia the challenge of creating a project of entertainment never seen before.

Joan Gracia’s aim was to create a show based on “the necessity of surprise; to captivate, love and entertain”.  The visually dramatic show was designed to be accessible to a diverse audience, playing on different themes comprehensible to adults and children from any nationality, encompassing the varied demographic of people that live in the harbour. For the creators, the challenge of Fun Parade was “to surprise the viewer without falling on the profile of the animator as we usually do”.

Fun Parade is made up of more than 40 different sketches, performed by over 20 actors from Africapcp and taking place every 10 -15 minutes. Created and designed to make sure visitors to Port Adriano this summer have a memorable and unique experience.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the “old part” of the port. Wednesday, Friday and Sundays in the new commercial area. On Mondays there are no shows.

Each of the show days, the FUN FINAL SHOW performs at the new commercial area, next to the pool of the Coast by east restaurant at 11:00pm.

Clik here to see FUN PARADE 2015 video