Aftersun Market Art Edition


New edition, new approach.

The proposal for the fourth edition of the Market Aftersun in Port Adriano is very fresh and more “street style” and will bring together urban art and design (fashion, decoration, beauty etc…), all with a Mediterranean touch.

A surprising event with unique characteristics in the Balearic Islands.

Moving away from the typical markets, but keeping the sea container as a seal of identity. We take a further step by using our containers not only as a design container but also as an artistic canvas:



-20 containers.

-20 brands of Mediterranean design.

-10 containers intervened by urban artists.

Port Adriano will become the meeting point for Mediterranean fashion, beauty or decoration brands, as well as complementary experiences aimed at visitors who wish to visit the port on the following dates from 6.30pm:30 to  11.30pm:

31st July, 1st and 2nd August. August 8th and 9th, August 15th and 16th, August 22nd and 23rd, August 29th and 30th.




Isabel Guarch, Las Panchas, DegüayHaus, Mica Joyería de Autor, Atelier Vius, Stephanie M., Sommits , Wela Rocat, La Osadía Shop, Pla, Lu-les Brand, Seaskin Life, Imperfecthings, Merit Orlando, Nilay, Mexiterranean Folk Art, Music Lover, Rosario P. Design, Carminitta, Cabinita Original, Maike Siegel.


Carolina Adán Caro, Two Flü, Conjuntos Empáticos, Enrique del Río, Fátima de Juan, Jeroni Mira Flanagan, Nicolás Denolle, Trossort, Refuge Studio y Sath.

In collaboration with : Ajuntament de Calvià, Bendix, Montana y Street Art Mallorca.