SUP Race Port Adriano 2022

Over the course of time, little by little, stand-up paddling became more and more popular, even among people who were completely alien to the world of surfing. Crossings were organised and, inevitably, the first competitions were held. Nowadays there is a circuit of international competitions at the same level as any other sport, and, on a national level, a circuit of territorial competitions has already been created and is growing all the time, with the Spanish championship as its greatest exponent.

Thanks to the perfect environmental conditions that our island offers for the practice of any water sport, SUP has not been left behind. SUP can be paddled in the open sea, in harbours, on beaches, etc. At the moment, both the offer and the demand do not stop growing and, for this very reason, from MARBALSUP in Port Adriano, returns with this great sporting event at national and international level that associates Calvià with Stand Up Paddle and all the values that surround this sport and with its 7th edition and part of the EurotourSUP circuit.


Long distance race

The distance of the race will be 12,5 km starting from the beach of Port Adriano and heading towards the Toro Islands. We will go around these islands, leaving them to the right, and then head towards the Malgrats Islands. Once they are reached, they will be rounded again from the sea towards the land to return to the finish line located again on the beach of Port Adriano.


SUB-16 and promotion categories

The race will consist of a coastal race in the direction of the small islet of Malgrats, which will be skirted leaving it to the left to return to the starting point. The distance will be 6 km.


SUB14, SUB12, SUB10 and SUB8 categories.

The race will consist of a circuit around the beach area and outside the beacons if they are placed, distances according to the rules.


Port Adriano Sup Race will be broadcast live. The event will take place between the 27th and 28th of May.


Registration as from March 2022 here: SUP RACE Port Adriano