Spain joins fight against floating Plastic

-Spanish marina Port Adriano partners with Seabin Project.

Calvià, 1st February 2017

Seabin Project is feeling confident in their continued efforts in their fight against the global plastic pollution with the third pilot partner, Port Adriano to sign a collaborative research and development agreement with Seabin Project.

Port Adriano have an active history in environmental solutions, educational programs and enjoy a high industry profile due to their progressive initiatives. “Being a pilot partner is more than just a statement, it is about playing an active role as a first mover in the global challenge to rescue and protect the oceans we love so much, Port Adriano contacted the Seabin team in the infant stages and expressed interest as early adaptors of the innovative Seabin technology” says Antonio Zaforteza, CEO of Port Adriano.

“It is a great achievement to have Port Adriano sign on as a pilot partner and we are excited to work with the team throughout the 3 year partnership, product innovation is not limited to solely the Seabin as product trials of the educational programs, science and research programs and other elements will need to be trialed also” says Pete Ceglinski Co-Founder and Managing Director

After major renovations and marina enlargement in 2012, led by French superstar designer Philipe Starck, the marina has since gained international attention for its luxurious design and the organization understands the importance of playing their role as a leader in the marina industry and having a large focus on Environmental and Sustainable practices.

The marina will be collaborating with the team at Seabin and local organizations to have a hands on approach to education with the implementation of the Global Ambassador Program based on the education and research.

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