August 20th 2015

The Balearic Islands are fashionable, in vogue, trendy. Mallorca and Ibiza have consolidated as two of the main tourist destinations in the world… but also as the best place to live, according to the international press Mallorca is the calm, idyllic Island converted into a logistical hub in the nautical sector. Ibiza, is the fashionable destination among celebrities and the internationally famous who seek the maximum expression of luxury.

These two Mediterranean Islands complement each other perfectly, and also offer the perfect combination to guarantee enjoyment and the maintenance of any boat in the most complete way. This is something that few other locations can offer, but that’s exactly what Marina Ibiza, Astilleros de Mallorca, STP Shipyard Palma and Port Adriano can offer, and wanted to convey with the creation and announcement of this new joint project. The success of a place dedicated to the sea and navigation depends on its ability to respond to any expectation or requirement of users of vessels. And there are many factors that come together and make Mallorca and Ibiza so special and unique in this regard.

Nautical facilities, either marinas or shipyards, as well as employees and professionals operating in the islands, have helped Mallorca & Ibiza to become an essential stopping-off point for real lovers of the sea. Thus changing the nautical tourism environment of the islands in recent years.

For this reason, the promoters of this idea have taken the initiative to take the ethos and spirit of these islands to the Monaco Yacht Show and present the reasons why anyone with a boat should moor in the Balearic Islands. It is planned that on the first day of the fair, on Wednesday 23 September, from 5pm to 7pm, the Balearic Yacht Destination Project will be presented at their stand of the Monaco Yacht Show with a welcome cocktail and some surprises.