August 1st, 2016
Celebrating its 85th anniversary and its 70 years dedicated to music, Omara Portuondo with a very special partner, Diego el Cigala, performed yesterday in Port Adriano.
The dry dock of the port, surrounded by masts and in an industrial environment, became an idyllic setting where the crowd can enjoyed the legendary concert of this duo of artists that interpreted eternal classics of Cuban music and flamenco together, as well as a selection of their own repertoire.
Omara Portuondo, voice of the Buena Vista Social Club Band and artistic Ambassador of Cuba took a tour of his long career, giving us strong and characteristic voice full of tastes and flavors adquired during their years of experience.
Its companion, star of the night, Diego the Cigala, is one of those few flamenco artists that has remained faithful to its heritage musical and at the same time has attained the recognition by great part of the national e international public.
Omara Portuondo and el Cigala met just one year ago for the first time on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl and since then have not separated. The connection wasso intense they felt to know who had the need to deepen this meeting through a unique tour. Music, art and tradition merge in the ’85 Tour’ we enjoyed Port Adriano in a unique atmosphere.
After the concert the party went on with Cuban music by DJ Gastón Arballo.

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