Port Adriano, August 12th

On Wednesday afternoon (august 11th) we celebrated the exhibition and auction of the photography series “la mar de helados” by the artist Nando Esteva. The Mallorca artist, that inspired his collection merging a selection of ice-cream with marine items, presented yesterday his creations in the port art gallery Ahoy!.
The images represent marine symbols such as an anchor, a buoy, a nautical chart mixed with various types of ice creams. These spectacular illustrations are the result of a great work of Nando Esteva that describes this project as hos most transgressive.
The auction of the images, in a 100 x 70 cm, collected the total quantity of 3.400€. This amount have been destined to the association Aspanob (children with cancer in the Balearics), that dedicates its cause to improve the life quality of all the children affected with this illness and their families.
The action was a great success and we emphasize the caring values of Port Adriano towards this good cause.
For all those that have not yet had the opportunity of enjoy of the collection, Port Adriano has exposed in the outer break wall a great-size reproduction of the image collection in the Philippe stack designed frames.

Nando Esteva (Palma de Mallorca, 1979) is a photographer with extensive experience in advertising: specialising in gastronomy, the hospitality sector, architecture and industrial goods.
In the last few years, his advertising photography work and his personal art projects have received awards at the LUX, IPA, One Eyeland, Florence-Shanghai, Px3 Paris and Hasselblad Master Awards competitions.
His works are transgressive and very original, distinguished by their definition and expression.

La mar de helados 1 DSCN3620 DSCN3640 DSCN3662  DSCN3666DSCN3664