Fun Fair

Fun Fair is much more than a fair. It is a charming combination of styles, scenic languages and characters that will immerse the spectator in a unique and unforgettable experience. This singular animated space will make you live a unique and intoxicate your five senses. This fair is delimited by containers and roulottes. Inside of each one, you will meet the characters of Fun Fair. These will be rotating so that the fair is different every time to the spectator. You also you will be able to enjoy the gastronomic offer at the Fun Bar. Come to meet us! From July 2 until August 28. From Wednesday until Sundays from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm Entry: Free entry  

Fun Disco

The shortest disco experience of the world. 5 minutes of a unique and compressed disco night.  

Terror Tunnel

The terror sensation in a dark space …only suitable for brave.  


A singer burlesque, with a very special character, a concert of piano accompanied by other very original sounds or a couple of automated ballet dancers we in this cabaret of the beginning of century.  

Mondo Raro

The Louvre has transferred us one of its best rooms, with a pair of exquisite oil portraits, but these are no normal pictures … Neither are normal the big headed dwarfs who dance of quite peculiar way…  

Super Phenomenos

You will meet “The saddest woman of the universe”, and to the tattooed and strong man of the circus. Perhaps you know Dr. Fran Ludz that, along with his assistant, they will submit you at its worst that “sensorial tests”.  

House of the Psychic and Fakir

A roulotte-House filled with charm where they can get your tarot readings and you will be know about your extraordinary future.  

Fun Movie Theater

Here you will be able to enjoy the finalists of our Festival of the short movie contest of PortAdriano. 11 very different histories, of great creativity and originality, worth being seen on big screen.  

Fun Bar

Because whenever we are having a good time, we feel like having something delicious…  

Final show

At 10:30pm, we will be able to enjoy the music and the humor in a spectacular final show.   For organization reasons, all these characters may not be always during the opening times. These may change in order of having new shows.