01Cala Magraner, Cala Pilota
y Cala Virgili

Three small adjoining coves which share the same mouth, surrounded by a pristine landscape. Cala Magraner is the largest, formed by the mouth of a torrent the last stretch of which turns into a tiny wetland; the beach, which is about 60 m wide, is both sandy and pebbly, encased between vertical walls. Cala Pilota has a seabed of white sand and its name comes from the abundant pilotes de mar, literally “sea balls”, formed by the filaments of the marine plant Posidonia oceanica which is responsible for the transparency of the water here. Cala Virgili, separated from the other two, is a long, narrow inlet. Since they have no services, these beaches are not very crowded and recommended for those who love nature and tranquillity.