de Valldemossa

The locals know this cove as Sa Marina, and it is a natural outlet to the sea for the village of Valldemossa. You can access its shores by tender, to walk along a tiny beach steeped in charm where you can enjoy the fish-based cuisine on the terrace of restaurants like Es Port. From here you can call a taxi to spend the afternoon in Valldemossa, one of the loveliest villages in the mountain range. And by sea, about 2 miles north, do not hesitate to head towards S’Estaca, a tiny, solitary jetty with transparent waters adorned with fishermen’s huts. Land and stroll amongst the stone houses that grace the shoreline. Very nearby is the mansion built by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria for his Mallorcan lover, Catalina Homar, now the property of actor Michael Douglas.


02Viewing platform route

A long, attractive, circular hike that enables one to follow in the footsteps of Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, a traveller and scientist who was enamoured of Mallorca. The nobleman had a network of paths built along with viewing platforms so that travellers could stop and gaze on the best scenery of the north coast. Almost secret, barely-used pathways, with giddy views of the sea.



Es Port

Fish-based cuisine in the Port of Valldemossa.
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