A pictorial, almost secret cove frequented by deianencs, natives of Deià and not too crowded as in order to reach it by land the final stretch must be covered on foot. Nearby stands an idyllic residential area, comprised of around twenty stone houses. The coast conserves three of the old defence towers that used to protect it from attacks by pirates: Casa d’Amunt, Can Simó and Can Apol·loni. Nudism is practised on the beach of Es Canyeret, dotted with huge rocks, pebbles and gravel. Some people daub their bodies with the mud that forms under a freshwater spring nearby, attributed with cosmetic properties. From the coast you can see an enormous cave, Sa Cova Fosca.

  • Location

    • Recommended anchorage
    • S, SE, E
    • 39°45'54.48"N - 2°39'11.55"E
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