Between Punta de Sa Corda and Morro des Forat, in the shadow of the Puig Major — the highest peak on the island, standing at 1445 m — this unspoilt cove unfolds, with slopes planted with dense pine groves that almost brush the sea. The sand on the beachfront turns into gravel and pebbles. This is where Sa Costera ends, one of Mallorca’s most beautiful excursions. It is a good idea to land in the tender to enjoy a walk along the beach and the surrounding area, and order a paella at Es Vergeret, a restaurant you can access by going up the steps on the right-hand side of the cove. Between Morro des Forat and Punta de Cala Roja lies Racó de sa Taleca (39° 49, 77’ N – 002° 44, 95’ E), a broad inlet that also makes a good anchorage, and is much quieter than Cala Tuent in summer.



Es Vergeret

Cuisine based on fish and rice dishes.
T. +34 971 517 105 | esvergeret.com