Social Responsibility & Circular Economy Project

As an entity responsible for the impacts that our decisions and activities cause in our society and in the ecosystem of our environment, in Port Adriano we have committed ourselves to contribute to the sustainable development of our area and to the well-being of the community that surrounds us through transparent and ethical environmental behaviour.

Since 2004 we have been certified internationally according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, and in 2009 we were certified by EMAS, a European certificate that requires the most demanding standards of good environmental practices and legislative compliance, in addition to providing recognition that represents a commitment to continuous improvement for the benefit of our partners, users and our environment. The situation of the current pandemic has led us to assume our responsibility and to certify the Marina with the “Safe Tourism” seal, as a guarantee for our visitors, workers and clients regarding the measures we have in place to ensure your health and safety.

This commitment and responsibility has led us to launch in this year 2020 a pioneering Project of Circular Economy in the marine industry of the Balearic Islands, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDG Agenda 2030).

This Circular Economy Project aims to work as a lever to maximize the use of resources, minimize the generation of unusable waste and prevent pollution of the sea, combining environmental, economic and social.

Within the social framework, our organization works with the community, promoting information about the environment through educational activities aimed at children, collaborating with non-governmental organizations to help increase information and recycling of waste among port users and supporting charitable causes linked to the welfare and development of children and society.



and collaborations

In 2017, thanks to the collaboration with the Seabin Project, consisting of the installation of a revolutionary floating wastepaper basket that collects plastics from the sea, Port Adriano received an award from the Balearic Government for the best CSR initiative, being the first Seabin pilot port.

  • Seabin Project

  • Colaboration with Cleanwave Foundation

    Port Adriano collaborates with the Cleanwave Foundation. Among several of its projects is MedGardens whose mission is to regenerate Mediterranean underwater forests. Among the actions that this foundation provides in Port Adriano are talks and round tables on marine regeneration and plastic prevention. Workshops on marine citizen science, Art Showroom for marine regeneration with talks, exhibitions, art auctions, workshops for children.


  • Collaboration agreement between Port Adriano and the Palma Aquarium Foundation

    The collaboration agreement between Port Adriano and the Palma Aquarium Foundation actively promotes the conservation of the biodiversity of our seas and oceans. Three main lines of action have emerged from this agreement:

    1. Carrying out training and awareness-raising sessions for various interest groups such as schoolchildren, port users and workers.
    2. Dissemination of teaching materials based on environmental education and sustainability.
    3. Active maintenance of a system of assistance to endangered marine species, which focuses especially on the recovery and treatment of sea turtles.


  • Save the Med Agreement

    Port Adriano collaborates with SAVE THE MED Foundation, providing them with a mooring for the NGO’s boat and through recreational and environmental actions for the community.

  • Environmental Education


    • Training days for all students of the sailing and paddle surfing schools.
    • Elimination of the use of single-use plastics in all port offices.
    • Cleaning of the El Toro beach and all the sea area where the schools are sailing.
      Informative talks to all the stores in the port.
    • Delivery of brochure of good environmental practices to all boats.
    • Training and continuous recycling to the work teams of the port.


  • Brought from London’s famous Carnaby Street, this exhibition in support of Project Zero aims to raise awareness of the problem of plastic dumping in our oceans. The exhibition has been made with plastic bottles, carafes, detergent containers… all collected from our seas, or made with 100% recycled and ecological materials, including paints.
    Project Zero is an NGO that works for the protection of the oceans, with multiple projects around the world and important ambassadors. Click here to find out how you can help with just one gesture by changing your habits: