01Fundación Cleawave

The Cleanwave Foundation is an initiative of community-led projects that promote the conservation, protection and regeneration of the land and sea in the Mediterranean.

Aiming to reconnect people and nature, Cleanwave Foundation strives to be a positive wave of action and hope, with a promise to work with empathetic and creative ways with diverse communities to deliver tangible results.

Our vision is for the Balearic Islands to be a globally recognized role model for regenerative living by 2026.

As a Foundation we see ourselves as a practical solutions oriented organization. We believe in the power of the community to mobilize change and we go beyond raising awareness to also provide viable and bold solutions that encourage the regeneration of the natural world.


The Cleanwave Foundation’s current efforts are focused on advancing 3 projects:

Cleanwave Movement: prevention and reduction of single-use plastic water bottles, and the continued exploration of real alternatives to single-use plastics. Aiming to replace the throwaway culture with a reuse mentality, Cleanwave aims to make it easier to live without plastic on the islands and aims to achieve a Balearic Islands free of disposable plastic waste by 2030.


Regenerating shallow underwater forests in the Mediterranean. With a dedicated team of marine biologists, their vision is to restore by 2030 the Mediterranean shallow marine habitats needed for biodiversity to thrive and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Cleanwave education: 

Awareness-raising and sensitization with an eco-emotional approach. Educational activities foster positive emotions and reactions. Most importantly, they priorities’ personal well-being, because only then can we expect positive action towards the environment.