A unique race in an incomparable setting

Calvià, March 15th 2019

As announced by the members of the sports association Goat Sports, next Sunday, April 7, Port Adriano and the municipality of El Toro will host a new unique sporting event in Balearic territory and we would even dare to say that throughout Europe.
The characteristics of the race make it different from everything is known so far and it is not easy to find an environment where you can design a route integrating an urban area, a military base, a wooded area and a marina.
The two designed routes will have numerous obstacles of different nature, so that both the 6k and the 12k trails, will be full of “surprises” that runners must overcome on their way to the finish line.
Loads, hauls, marksmanship, strength, balances, throws, barbed wire and mud among other obstacles are those that make progress difficult in an already complicated terrain.
The system of departures by batches typical in these tests, reserves a place to the runners of the national league in which the best runners of the Spanish Association of Obstacle Careers (OCRA) will meet, also a batch for members of security forces and emergencies and another one for the elite runners, all of them within the 12k modality.
However, this should not imply any inconvenience when participating in such a test because for this two distances have been created with more or less difficulty and an alternative in penalty mode in case of not overcoming an obstacle, so we can say that with a minimum of preparation we are talking about a race suitable for all audiences in which according to our runner profile we will have available one modality or another.
Thinking that the interests that lead us to participate in a test of these characteristics can be very diverse, the organization has foreseen a possible participation both individually and as a team, without participation in one modality supposes the exclusion in the other. So any runner can participate individually but in turn belong to a team. The teams require a minimum of five participants without implying that the entry to the goal must be joint and that the team’s time is marked by the fifth member passing through the finish line.

Gradually obstacle courses are gaining more weight in the sports calendars and the national race map, but we are convinced that ISLAND RACE PORT ADRIANO will soon be a reference in this type of races.

See you all on April 7th.